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Billy Kapoor
Team Anahera Tere Enters The N-Prize Competition 
Waitakere – 1 January, 2010 – Team Anahera Tere has formally registered as the 23rd team to compete for the British based ‘N-Prize’. The team will use innovative new rocket designs to attempt to reach the ambitious technology prize’s goal of putting a very small satellite into orbit for a marginal cost of only £999.

Team Anahera Tere’s approach involves a very large cannon as a first stage of the rocket, a promising re-usable technology that has been the subject of much research by several governments but never deployed commercially in the space sector. The upper stage liquid engine features several innovations never employed together on the same rocket, along with some avant-garde designs that significantly lower the systems part count and manufacturing cost.

For more information on this exciting new entrant, visit anaheratere.co.nz